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Using ICT for Co-creation of Inclusive Public Space

Autores: Smantiotto Costa, Carlos; Batista, Joana Solipa; Almeida, Inês, et. al (2021).

Lisboa: Edições Universitárias Lusófonas

Urban Europe

2021 C3Places Project

This e-book and correspondent platform MyC3Place present the collection of the outcomes

carried out by the partners of the C3Places Project.

It explores the new dynamics of open spaces as a trusted service for community and

expands our understanding on how mediated public open spaces function, paying attention

to stakeholders, local context and different social groups.

The e-book shows how it's possible to increase the quality of public open spaces (squares,

parks, green spaces) as a community’s service, reflecting through ICT the needs of different

social groups. Public spaces are critical for cultural identity, as they offer the place for

interactions among generations and ethnicities. Even in the digital era, people still need

contact with nature and other people to develop different life skills, values and attitudes, to

be healthy, satisfied and environmentally responsible. Using ICT and co-creating with users,

this e-book expands our knowledge on meeting emerging citizens’ needs about the future

public space.


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