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The Power of New Urban Tourism - Spaces, Representations and Contestations

Editors: Claudia Ba, Sybille Frank, Claus Müller, Anna Laura Raschke, Kristin Wellner, Anika Zecher

Routledge Taylor & Francis Group


The Power of New Urban Tourism explores new forms of tourism in urban areas with their social, political, cultural, architectural and economic implications. By investigating various showcases of New Urban Tourism within its social and spatial frames, the book offers insights into power relations and connections between tourism and cityscapes in various socio-spatial settings around the world.

Contributors to the volume show how urban space has become a battleground between local residents and visitors, with changing perceptions of tourists as co-users of public and private urban spaces and as influencers of the local economies. This includes different roles of digital platforms as resources for access to the city and touristic opportunities as well as ways to organise and express protest or shifting representations of urban space. With contemporary cases from a wide disciplinary spectrum, the contributors investigate the power of New Urban Tourism in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and Oceania. This focus allows a cross-cultural evaluation of New Urban Tourism and its dynamic, and changing conception transforming and subverting cities and tourism alike.

Table of Contents

1. The Power of New Urban Tourism: An Introduction

Claudia Ba, Sybille Frank, Claus Müller, Anna Laura Raschke

Part I: Consuming the City: New Urban Tourism in Urban Centres and Metropolitan Peripheries

2. Bohemia and the New Urban Tourism - Mario Hernandez

3. "Tourist Platformisation": New Urban Tourism in Milan - Monica Bernardi and Giulia Mura

4. Peer-to-Peer Tourist Accommodation and its Impact on the Local Housing Market in Berlin Neighbourhoods - Claus Müller and Kristin Wellner

5. Redefining a Mature Destination as a Low-Cost Neighbourhood: Relations Between Socio-Spatial Segregation in Torremolinos and Urban Tourism in Malaga, Spain - Eduardo Jiménez-Morales, Ingrid C. Vargas-Díaz and Guido Cimadomo

6. Tourism in a Peripheral Territory in the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon: The Case of Almada - Madalena Corte-Real, Marianna Monte, Maria João Gomes and Luis Manata e Silva

Part II: Protest and Frictions: Contesting New Urban Tourism

7. Sustaining a Political System: New Urban Tourism in Cuba and Related Conflicts - Niklas Völkening

8. Embattled Consumptionscape of Tourism: Networked Urban Contention Against Inbound Tourist Shoppers in Hong Kong - Tin-yuet Ting and Wei-Fen Chen

9. Between Political Protest and Tourism Gentrification: Impacts of New Urban Tourism in Hamburg’s Schanzenviertel - Anja Saretzki and Karlheinz Wöhler

10. The Empty Boxes of Venice: Overtourism—Conflicts, Politicisation and Activism - Marta Torres Ruiz

11. Powerful Ways of (not) Knowing New Urban Tourism Conflicts: Thin Problematisation as Limitation for Tourism Governance in Berlin - Christoph Sommer

Part III: Representations and Identities: Hopes and Challenges for New Urban Tourism

12. Shock of the New: The Rhetoric of Global Urban Tourism in the Rebuild of Christchurch, New Zealand - Alberto Amore, C. Michael Hall

13. New Urban Tourism in the Post-Conflict City: Sharing Experiences of Violence and Peace in West Belfast - Henriette Bertram

14. The Race, Class and Gender of Websites: Marketing and Mythologising Urban Africa Online - Annie Hikido

15. New Urban Tourism and the Right to Complain: Tourism as a Catchall for Urban Problems - Emily Kelling and Annika Zecher

16. Science Driven Mobility as a Form of New Urban Tourism: Insights from Student and Research Internationalisation in Lund, Sweden - Lena Eskilsson and Jan Henrik Nilsson

Part IV: Concluding Remarks

17. So, what is new about New Urban Tourism? - Maria Gravari-Barbas


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