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Lectures series

22.05.23: Session 1. Atlas and critical mapping session

05.06.23: Session 2. Mapping in the design-turn session

19.06.23: Session 3. Mapping (in)justices session

03.07.23 Session 4. Ethnographic mapping session

Drawing (out) spacetimes: Methodological reflections on mapping in sociospatial research

Hosted by Hybrid Mapping Working Group, CRC 1265 Re-figuration of Spaces, and Chair of Urban Design (CUD), Technische Universität Berlin Organised by Jamie-Scott Baxter, Séverine Marguin and Vivien Sommer

SPACETIME MATTERS aims at inviting international spatial scholars integrating temporalities into mapping methods to discuss their work. At the core of our reflections lurks the idea of spacetime as a means to conceptualise the multiplicity of spaces existing simultaneously with different temporalities.

Registration is needed in order to get the Zoom-Link.


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