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ICNS.LXInternational Conference on Night Studies

Submissions and important days:

Submissions Deadline: 30 June 2024

The 5th International Conference on Night Studies is an international event that aims to echo frontier research, artistic works and professional practices related to the study of the urban night in multiple contexts worldwide.

This event aims to be a platform for sharing ongoing or recent research, opening a critical and interdisciplinary debate, and boost e-networking, bringing together academia and society.

ICNS is a collaborative effort of the International Night Studies Network (INSN) and the LXNIGHTS Research Group with the institutional support of the Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology (CIES-Iscte), the Interdisciplinary Center of Social Sciences at NOVA University Lisbon (CICS.NOVA), and the Institute of Sociology — University of Porto (ISUP).


– History of LGBTQI+ Night Safe Spaces 

– Music, Balls, Dance, Performance, Fashion and Drag

– LGBTQI+ Night Arts

– Regulations of Nighttime Spaces

– Night Activism and Legal Change

– LGBTQI+ wellbeing at night

– LGBTQI+ Night Business and Employment

– LGBTQI+ Night Tourism

– LGBTQI+ Night Culture and Events

These subtopics provide a detailed framework for exploring the complex interaction between nightlife and the experiences of LGBTQI+ communities. T


  • Methods and Methodologies for Night Studies

  • The urban night in the past in the Global South, East, and North

We welcome both theoretical and empirical contributions that critically engage with the conference themes. We particularly encourage submissions that consider the intersectionality of nighttime experiences with issues such as gender, race, class, and sexuality. The conference will provide a forum for interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration, as well as opportunities for networking and engagement with urban practitioners and policymakers.

We look forward to receiving your contributions and to fostering fruitful discussions on the fascinating and complex subject of nighttime, night leisure, and night studies.

Proposal types

Oral Communications

  • Traditional academic communications.

  • We encourage Non traditional formats too.

  • Each communication will have 15 minutes time.

  • Only one submission as first author, maximum of two as co-author.

Organised closed sessions

  • If you would like to contribute by organising a closed session focused on a particular topic, please submit a proposal including a description of that topic, abstracts, and short bios of the speakers.


  • Tutorials and other workshops will take place along the conference. If you are interested in offering a workshop, please submit a proposal including a description of the content and target audience.

Documentaries and Audiovisual

  • ICNS welcomes submissions of documentaries and audiovisual content.

  • Selected material will join the conference on a dedicated session/or included on a thematic session.


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