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ICNS.LX3 | International Conference on Night Studies

CALL FOR PAPERS: 30 de Maio de 2022

A 3ª edição da International Conference on Night Studies terá lugar de 5 a 7 de Outubro de 2022, no Colégio Almada Negreiros (NOVA FCSH).

Night Studies is a transdisciplinary field with works from different social and human sciences. Research covers a wide range of topics related to the so-called ‘Nocturnal World(s)’, including a good number of geographical, cultural, and social contexts; formal and informal practices; and normative and non-normative behaviours. In recent years the study of the night, either as object of study or as context, has grown exponentially. ICNS.LX3 invites all researchers to submit genuine and unpublished works that take the nocturnal city as object or as study context. On the other hand, papers that reflect on night studies, their possible future research agenda, new methodologies and methods, and reflections on ethical issues related to fieldwork in challenging times are more than welcome.

Proposal types:

Oral Communications, Organised closed sessions, Workshops, Documentaries and Audiovisual: There are many different ways to approach the night and many issues that could be addressed in this conference. We invite all researchers, professionals, and artists to participate with their outstanding work.

The 3rd International Conference on Night Studies is an international event that aims to echo frontier research, artistic works and professional practices related to the study of the urban night in multiple contexts worldwide.

This event aims to be a platform for sharing ongoing or recent research, open a critical and interdisciplinary debate, and boost e-networking, bringing together academia and society.


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