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Green Solutions

Manuscript Submission Deadline 11 November 2022

Green Solutions: Mitigating the Impacts of Urbanization and Climate Change on Energy Efficiency and Heat Stress in Urban Tourist Areas

This Research Topic intends to present original and multi-disciplinary approaches concerning the contribution of green solutions to energy efficiency. These solutions are essential to the reduction of operation costs in the tourism industry, and heat stress mitigation in urban tourist areas, which is paramount to the thermal comfort and well-being of tourists. Authors are invited to explore how solutions based on solar technology and green infrastructures like trees, parks, green roofs, and natural areas, can be part of a strategy for the development of sustainable urban environments under tourist pressure. Contributions concerning the existing synergies between different green solutions, how their implementation can contribute to resource-efficient tourist urban areas, the sustainable development challenges, and the social and economic barriers towards its adoption, are welcomed.


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