Urban Assemblage: the city architecture, media, ai and big data

01 de Dezembro 2020

Call for abstracts

Today then, the potential for technology and data to alter how we design, live and experience our cities is obvious and everywhere. However, there are concerns. GIS, Google Maps and Facebook all offer interconnected information on urban life. They are also conduits for the collation of personal data and its misuse. The assumption of digital access for all leads some to worry about issues of social exclusion. Sociologists highlight the dangers of the digital dependency of future generations.  3D printed buildings threaten job losses in the construction industry. The idea of parametric urbanism is an anathema to many for whom city is a place of interpersonal interaction.

Based on an interdisciplinary reading of the built environment as architecture, data, technology, digital innovation, artistic creation and urban design, this conference will be organised in subject areas including: ARCHITECTURE  &  URBAN DESIGN   |   AI,  DATA  &  TECHNOLOGY   |   MEDIA  &  COMMUNICATIONS   |   ART,  DESIGN  &  FILM   |   SOCIOLOGY  &  POLITICS

Participants in each area are invited to propose ‘lead themes’. Reflecting the expertise of the University of Hertfordshire, the first of these lead themes is “Artificial Intelligence and Urban Assemblages”.

Other proposed strands and themes include: computational design, the digital city, smart buildings, data driven urbanism, parametric architecture, art-film-photography and the city, digital accessibility, participatory technology and planning, sociology of the city, and more.

Organisers: University of Hertfordshire

Dates: 28-30 June 2021

Place: London / Virtual / Hatfield, UK

This conference is planned as a hybrid in-person and virtual event. The keynote will be held in London. In-person presentations will take place in the University of Hertfordshire campus in Hatfield on the outskirts of London.

.Abstracts (Round One): 01 December 2020