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Cidades Comunidades e Territórios

No. 45 (2022)

Dossier temático: Acesso à habitação e Covid 19. Leituras a partir das áreas metropolitanas de Lisboa e Porto

Published: 2022-12-29

After 2 atypical years trying to control a global pandemic that hit hard in every dimension of life in society, 2022 could have been a calm year if the devastating war in Ukraine had not broken out. In this Christmas season, it is not possible to remain indifferent to the suffering of a huge country caused by a senseless war that has been going on for 11 months and no one knows when or how it will end. Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the pandemic and with its effects aggravated by the context of the war, there are also some local issues that should not be forgotten. The thematic dossier presented in this 45th issue of CIDADES, Comunidades e Territórios revisits the pandemic period to focus on the access to housing in Portugal, using case studies located in the metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Porto. Edited by Sílvia Leiria Viegas and Sílvia Jorge, the thematic dossier gathers six articles, two interviews, one book review, and two “testimonial” texts. The first pays tribute to architect Nuno Teotónio Pereira, one of the most relevant names in 20th century Portuguese architecture and a leading advocate for housing rights. The second is the presentation of the collective Habitação Hoje, a diversified group of people committed to the right to housing nowadays and to guaranteeing access to more fragile socioeconomic families. Notwithstanding the wide panoply of sources of inspiration for the collected materials, the access to housing remains a hot topic and still requires a broad debate in Portugal.

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