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CIDADES: Comunidades e Territórios

Call for abstracts: December 31st

What is its repercussion on the construction of the city? What is the influence of these concepts in architecture? How can the habitat concept contribute to improve housing conditions and programs? What are the impacts of housing in improving conditions of life and public health? How do social, economic and environmental transformations find expression in housing space? How has housing space responded to such transformations? What has been the role of instruments for planning and territorial management? And finally, what are the impacts of habitat in territorial, social, economic and environmental sustainability?

We encourage the submission of papers on housing and habitat in areas such as history, architecture, urban planning, landscape design, geography, public policies or sociology, in several approaches or scales.

Initial submission of abstracts deadline: 31 December 2022. Selected abstracts’ authors will be invited to submit full papers to the journal’s website: final deadline 1 March 2023.


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