Urban Transcription Journal - Future


30 de Setembro 2020

Call for submissions

Cities have been continuously (re)produced by overlapping transitions. Palimpsests on which future visions are written over their scriptio inferior, cities are made and remade through transformations of their political, physical, and socio-economic structures. Wars, pandemics, migration flows, technological revolutions, new commercial routes, ideological and political shifts, have been the drivers for rapid transitions into new urban futures, futures that shaped present realities and past memories.


If COVID-19 is a driver for a transition into a new urban future, what will it look like? What can we learn from all those past futures that transformed our cities? And how can we plan for a just transition?

The journal is calling for submissions that critically assess and creatively re-imagine those futures, as much contained in our cities’ histories as in our present longing for a better tomorrow.Deadline for submissions: 30 September 2020.



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