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Vol. III: The Diverse Worlds of Sustainability

Ana Delicado, Nuno Domingos, Luís de Sousa (Editors)

Publisher: Imprensa de Ciências Sociais

Online publication

In 2015 ICS elected sustainability as one of the three main strategic pillars, seeking to understand the socioecological, socioeconomic, techno-scientific, and governance dynamics that preside over transformations and transitions to more sustainable, resilient, and wellbeing-promoting societies, by studying the practices, institutions, processes, and public policies that affect, positively or negatively, these transitions​. For this volume, we have sought contributions that problematize the concept of sustainability on theoretical, methodological, and empirical grounds. We aimed at chapters that, based on different research projects and disciplinary traditions, strike a balance between relevant, critical, and audacious general theoretical questions and debates and empirical data (quantitative and qualitative).​

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