Urban intervention, street art and public space


Editors: Pedro Costa, Paula Guerra and Pedro Soares Neves


Book contents:

Part I. Setting the scene
Chapter 1: Introduction: Urban intervention, street art and public space
Pedro Costa, Paula Guerra and Pedro Soares Neves 

Part II. Arts, life and everyday live: broadening the public sphere(s)
Chapter 2: Transfers between the Urban and the Human. Inhabiting the City from the Public Art
Letícia Gonzalez Menéndez

Chapter 3: Youth, Media and Social Networks: contemporary subjectivities
Glória Diogenes

Chapter 4: “I come from Porto and bring a Porto in me”: 
essays on a cartography of affections in/of the city
Paula Guerra

Part III. Urban interventions, representations, and the (re)production of urban space
Chapter 5: Ephemeral Art in Impermanent Spaces: 
The effects of street art in the social construction of public space
Ágata Dourado Sequeira

Chapter 6: Between formal and informal practices to manage the city:
The role of street art in the Old town of Palermo 
Luísa Tuttolomondo

Chapter 7: Camilla Watson photography and its impact in the social production
of public space in a neigbourhood (Mouraria) in the inner city of Lisbon
Madalena Corte Real and Maria João Monteiro Gomes

Part IV. Public art and the resignification of public space
Chapter 8: Street art in Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Messages of the streets
Polona Lupinšek

Chapter 9: Urban Visuality through Stencil
Rachel Souza 

Chapter 10: The Writing on the Wall: Embraced or Despised 
Voica Puscasiu

Part V. Research action in practice: urban interventions and knowledge co-creation
Chapter 11: Graffiti, street, delirium: arts defiances 
Elenise Cristina Pires de Andrade, Edivan Carneiro de Almeida and Milena Santos Rodrigues

Chapter 12: Beyond the visible on decoding the layers of a cultural quarter: 
Photo-essay on a reflexive urban intervention 
Pedro Costa and Ricardo Lopes

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