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Moving Cities – Contested Views on Urban Life

The texts of the book focus on the problems and challenges of urban change, especially in Europe, in the contemporary context of intense mobility. The main topics are mobility, urban social structure, migrations, urban inequalities, urban activism, community, neighbourhood life, uses of public spaces and methodological approaches to urban life such as ethnography.

Table of contents:

Moving Cities: Contested Views on Urban Life – Editors’ Introduction | Lígia Ferro, Marta Smagacz-Poziemska, M. Victoria Gómez, Sebastian Kurtenbach, Patrícia Pereira and Juan Jose Villalón

The Global City: Strategic Site, New Frontier | Saskia Sassen

On Roots and Routes. The Quest for Community in Times of Diversity and Inequality | Talja Blokland

Daily Mobility and Urban Sprawl. Mobile Ethnography in the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona (MRB) | Joan J. Pujadas and Gaspar Maza

Empty Space: Historical Memory in the Contemporary City | Ray Hutchison

The 2014 World Cup on the Streets of Vila Madalena (São Paulo) | Heitor Frúgoli Jr.

Shops as the bricks and mortar of place identity. A comparison of shopping streets in Brussels, Paris and Geneva | Maxime Felder and Loïc Pignolo

Measuring Deprivation in the City of Barcelona. Incorporating Subjective and Objective Factors | Riccardo Valente

Analysing Pilsen Mexican Neighbourhood in Chicago through the lens of competitiveness and social cohesion | Nunzia Borrelli and Kathleen M. Adams

Perceived social disorder in post-WWII housing estates: recent evidence from Finland | Teemu Kemppainen

New Means of Behaviour and Space Appropriation in the Post-Privatisation Era. The Case of Starčevica, Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) | Sonja Lakić

Urban Gardening between Agency and Structure. The Potential for a New Form of Social Activism to Inspire Bottom-up Processes of City Making | Jennifer Morstein

The Pop Up City in a Time of Crisis. Experimental Strategies for Rebuilding Detroit | Eve Avdoulos

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